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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - November 2003

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11-4-2003 - Opinions

2003-UP-640 - State v. Brown

2003-UP-641 - State v. Brown

2003-UP-642 - State v. Moyers

2003-UP-643 - State v. Batts

2003-UP-644 - State v. Lowery

2003-UP-645 - State v. Jefferies

2003-UP-646 - Forest Oaks v. W. E. Grading & Sand

11-6-2003 - Opinions

2003-UP-647 - National City Bank v. Hemelt

2003-UP-648 - State v. Thompson

2003-UP-649 - State v. Staley

2003-UP-650 - State v. Rice

2003-UP-651 - State v. White

11-13-2003 - Opinions

2003-UP-639 - State v. Pearson

2003-UP-652 - State v. Tice

2003-UP-653 - State v. Wilder

2003-UP-654 - Smith v. Dinger

2003-UP-655 - TCF Corporation v. Stadium Club Partners

2003-UP-656 - Solomon v. Town of Mount Pleasant

2003-UP-657 - Wood v. Wood

2003-UP-658 - State v. Powell

2003-UP-659 - Smith v. City of Columbia

11-17-2003 - Opinions

2003-UP-660 - In the Interest of Anthony Terrell S.

2003-UP-661 - U. S. Bank National Association v. Briggs

2003-UP-662 - Zimmerman v. Marsh

2003-UP-663 - Richey v. County of Anderson

2003-UP-664 - SC Department of Social Services v. Gathings

2003-UP-665 - State v. Perry

2003-UP-666 - Florence Steel v. SC Second Injury Fund

2003-UP-667 - Ewing v. Ewing

2003-UP-668 - City of Columbia v. Palmetto Pointe

2003-UP-669 - State v. Owens

2003-UP-670 - Central Electric Power Cooperative v. McKey

2003-UP-672 - Addy v. Attorney General of the State of South Carolina

11-18-2003 - Opinions

2003-UP-671 - Kosalac v. Crescent Homes, Inc.

2003-UP-673 - State v. Stephens

2003-UP-674 - State v. Warren

2003-UP-675 - State v. Phillips

2003-UP-676 - SC Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance v. Stowe

2003-UP-677 - State v. Sheridan

2003-UP-678 - SC Department of Social Services v. Jones

11-24-2003 - Opinions

2003-UP-679 - State v. Green

2003-UP-680 - State v. Doyle

2003-UP-681 - State v. Martin

2003-UP-682 - GMAC Mortgage Corporation

2003-UP-683 - State v. Long

2003-UP-684 - State v. LaBoone

2003-UP-685 - Marchant v. Marchant

2003-UP-686 - Melette v. Hannaford Brothers

2003-UP-687 - State v. Gwinn

2003-UP-688 - Johnston v. SC Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation