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Court of Appeals Unpublished Opinions - December 2003

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12-2-2003 - Opinions

2003-UP-690 - State v. Cureton

2003-UP-691 - State v. Dawkins

2003-UP-692 - State v. Glover

2003-UP-693 - SC Municipal Insurance and Risk Financing Fund v. Amodio

2003-UP-695 - Quinton v. Joe R. ADair Foundation

2003-UP-696 - State v. Richardson

2003-UP-697 - Welborn v. Pharr Yarns

2003-UP-698 - State v. Gerald

12-3-2003 - Opinions

2003-UP-699 - State v. Cantrell

2003-UP-700 - State v. Jackson

2003-UP-701 - State v. Conyers

2003-UP-702 - American Equipment Leasing v. Bartels

2003-UP-703 - Beaufort County v. Town of Port Royal

2003-UP-704 - State v. Geter

12-9-2003 - Opinions

2003-UP-705 - State v. Floyd

2003-UP-706 - Brown v. Taylor

2003-UP-707 - State v. Johnson

2003-UP-708 - State v. Eddy

2003-UP-709 - Lane v. County of Horry

2003-UP-710 - In the Interest of Alex T. G.

2003-UP-711 - Cincinnati Insurance v. Allstate Insurance

2003-UP-712 - State v. Baccous

2003-UP-713 - State v. Collao

2003-UP-714 - Metrac, Inc. v. The Martin Group

12-11-2003 - Opinions

2003-UP-715 - Anita-Obong v. Tivener

2003-UP-716 - State v. Perkins

2003-UP-717 - State v. Ruffin

2003-UP-718 - Sellars v. C. D. Walters Construction

2003-UP-719 - SC Department of Social Services v. Holden

12-15-2003 - Opinions

2003-UP-720 - McCombs v. State

2003-UP-721 - State v. Mitchell

2003-UP-722 - Edstrom v. Tucker Federal Bank

2003-UP-723 - Derrick v. Holiday Kamper

2003-UP-724 - Condell v. Fitzgerald

12-16-2003 - Opinions

2003-UP-725 - In the Matter of the Care ant Treatment of Bennington

2003-UP-726 - State v. Ferguson

2003-UP-727 - Burnside v. Mathis

2003-UP-728 - State v. Jones

2003-UP-729 - State v. Bailey

2003-UP-730 - Hall v. Keels

2003-UP-731 - State v. Bowen

2003-UP-732 - State v. Banks

2003-UP-733 - State v. McDonald

2003-UP-734 - State v. Upton

2003-UP-735 - Svetlik Construction v. Zimmerman

2003-UP-736 - State v. Ward

2003-UP-737 - North Greenville Fitness and Cardiac Rehabilitation v. DaimlerChrysler Corp.

2003-UP-738 - Powell Electric v. Nationwide Developments

12-17-2003 - Opinions

2003-UP-739 - State v. Murphy

2003-UP-740 - State v. Dye

2003-UP-741 - State v. Dobbs

2003-UP-742 - State v. Jenkins

2003-UP-743 - State v. Gregory

2003-UP-744 - State v/ Bailey

2003-UP-745 - Doe v. Fisher

2003-UP-746 - State v. Johnson

2003-UP-747 - State v. Herbert

2003-UP-748 - Ardis v. Ardis

12-18-2003 - Opinions

2003-UP-749 - City of Florence v. Corley

2003-UP-750 - State v. Polcari

2003-UP-751 - Samuel v. Brown

2003-UP-752 - State v. Redd

12-19-2003 - Opinions

2003-UP-753 - In the matter of the Care and Treatment of Gray

2003-UP-754 - Causey v. Total Comfort, Inc

2003-UP-755 - Abbott Sign Company v. SC Department of Transportation

12-23-2003 - Opinions

2003-UP-756 - State v. Harris

2003-UP-757 - State v. Johnson

12-30-2003 - Opinions

2003-UP-758 - Ward v. Ward

2003-UP-759 - Zobel v. Derrick

2003-UP-760 - State v. Orange

2003-UP-761 - State v. Pauling

12-31-2003 - Opinions

2003-UP-762 - State v. Gibba

2003-UP-763 - State v. James

2003-UP-764 - State v. Mills

2003-UP-765 - State v. Deas

2003-UP-766 - Hitachi Electronic v. Platinum Technologies

2003-UP-767 - Hicks v. Brown

2003-UP-768 - State v. Williams

2003-UP-769 - SC Department of Social Services v. Partman

2003-UP-770 - State v. Small